Oil and gas surface coatings

Oil & Gas

From riser systems to ball valves, we provide specialist coating services for offshore and onshore Oil & Gas parts and components.

  We apply specialist engineered coating solutions to cope with the demands of sophisticated and highly expensive drilling and extraction equipment. Our surface coatings are designed to inhibit corrosion and provide surface release for marine equipment. 

Oil and Gas Coating Services

Oil and Gas Coating Properties

Typical Oil and Gas Applications

  • Wear resistance
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-fretting
  • Anti-galling
  • Surfaces requiring electrical insulation
  • Christmas Trees
  • Subsea connectors and seals
  • BOPs
  • Riser systems
  • Clamps, seat, seals and valves
  • Hangers
  • Nuts, bolts and thread protectors
  • Manifolds
  • Valve bodies
  • Gates, seats and ball valves


Dry film lubrication to reduce friction and wear on oil and gas tension elements

Continued demand and the rapid depletion of existing oil fields are propelling the industry into deeper and more hostile environments, demanding better solutions to improve the performance and life cycle of underwater extraction equipment. New methods of extracting oil from the sea bed have required the use of floating oil platforms. Tension Elements are used to aid the stability of the platform in the hostile environment in which they operate. The size of these components and the need for specialist steel materials on the mating surfaces, to prevent corrosion, resulted in severe galling. We have developed a unique dry film lubricant coating that is applied to these components; reducing friction and preventing seizure. This coating has been applied by our skilled operators in the customer’s own assembly shop, saving downtime and expensive shipping costs. Find out more about dry film lubricant coatings


Coating large oil and gas components including risers and tethers for tension leg platforms

Larger components with threaded connections such as risers and tethers for tension leg platforms present a coating challenge to the surface finishing industry due to their size and complex handling and resultant health and safety issues. The coatings used on these types of long components are normally sacrificial heat cured or thermally sprayed aluminium on the external surfaces with anti-galling or low friction treatments on the connecting surfaces. Large oven capacity and preparation equipment is necessary for this type of work. We have developed a specialism in managing this type of component, particularly for the oil & gas industry, and have a facility in Renfrew, Scotland specifically for handling larger and more complex work pieces. Contact us to find out more about large component coating solutions