The SIFCO Process

The SIFCO Process®

Onsite selective electroplating to enhance, repair and refurbish targeted areas on manufactured components

The SIFCO Process® is the world’s leading portable method of electroplating localised areas of metal surfaces for OEM components, permanent repairs and salvaging worn or mis-machined parts; providing a fast, efficient and targeted solution to corrosion, wear, galling, solderability and brazing. 

From commercial aircraft landing gear to offshore oil and gas platforms, the SIFCO Process® is a trusted solution for critical components and parts, with metal surfaces, that require repair or maintenance.

Carried out by skilled SIFCO Process® technicians, from Surface Technology sister company, SIFCO ASC, the SIFCO Process® is unrivalled for the speed it is able to repair or maintain critical parts. As the process is carried out in-situ the part or component does not need to be removed and shipped to an external site.

Key Properties of the SIFCO Process®

Typical Applications for the SIFCO Process®

  • Corrosion protection
  • Wear resistance
  • Improve solderability characteristics
  • Decrease electrical contact resistance
  • Prevent galling and slip
  • Improved hardness
  • Defect repair
  • Dimensional restoration
  • Prebraze
  • Aerospace – aircraft landing gear
  • Oil & Gas – drill bits, connectors, tubing hangars, risers, cyclinders, premium pipe threads
  • Power generation – Bus bars, generators, turbines, valves, nuclear components, containment vessels
  • Marine – Propulsion components, pumps, valves, hydraulics
  • Other industry sectors include – petrochemical, electrical motors and generators, pulp & paper, printing and precision engineering

Why use the SIFCO Process®

  • Process can be performed on-site
  • Simple to operate
  • Rapid plating on small to medium size areas
  • Components can be plated in-situ
  • Reduces the amount of masking required
  • Parts too large to tank plate can be processed
  • Reduces machine downtime and production delays
  • Plate to the required thickness
  • Minimises hydrogen embrittlement
  • Reduced effluent stream

SIFCO Process® environmental benefits

  • Uses less chemicals than tank plating
  • Lower electrical power consumption
  • Facilitates component salvage