Impregnation services for casting porosity


Protect against porosity with Ultraseal Impregnation Technology

Seal against porosity and improve component performance, quality and lifespan.

Porosity can occur when materials, especially castings, change from liquid to solid during the manufacturing process. This results in surface and core imperfections which cause a leak path for gases and liquids.

Our Ultraseal resin impregnation systems provide a cost effective, permanent solution to the problems encountered as a result of porosity in castings. A proven solution that is trusted by leading manufacturers worldwide.

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Total casting porosity solutions

Casting Porosity can be found in castings made from a number of materials, however, it is particularly prevalent in aluminium or magnesium die castings.

It is important to recognise that there are three main types of porosity found in castings; flow porosity, gas porosity and shrink porosity.  Surface Technology, together with sister company, Ultraseal, consult all customers on the application of the most suitable impregnation sealant and process for their components.

The Ultraseal impregnation process utilises a range of recyclable sealants, systems and technology to fill voids that eliminates micro porosity in a wide range of cast materials including aluminium, magnesium, cast iron and steel, as well as sintered components.