Surface coatings for construction

Construction Equipment

Coatings for construction, demolition and agricultural equipment

Our plating and coating finishes provide outstanding levels of corrosion protection on mild steel components in the harsh and hostile conditions where construction, demolition and agricultural equipment operate.

Construction Coating Services

Construction Coating Properties

Construction Applications

  • Hydraulic pipes
  • Pivot pins
  • Fan blades
  • Cylinder heads and blocks
  • Steering system parts

Corrosion protection

TriCem 3800, the new generation of corrosion resistant black finishing is now specified by the leading manufacturers of construction equipment in the UK as their preferred coating on all pivot pins. The ability to offer 2,000 hours corrosion protection combined with scratch resistance and a gloss black finish surpasses all of their performance requirements. 


Zinc Nickel coatings for construction, demolition and agricultural vehicles

We apply specialist Zinc Nickel coatings to hydraulic parts used widely in power steering and braking systems. We have developed techniques that provide corrosion resistance over the entire surface of the component, offering a ductile surface which allows our customers to post form and bend the parts into their final shape. 


Impregnation for engine block and cylinder head porosity

Porosity is a collection of voids in the structure that comes in three basic forms. It can be fully enclosed, blind or through porosity. This adversely affects the performance of engine cylinder heads and cylinder blocks. The Ultraseal impregnation process successfully overcomes these issues with the clever use of our sealant technology which is applied under vacuum. Find out more about Impregnation


Dry film lubrication coatings for enhanced engine performance

Dry film lubrication coatings ensure the smooth operation of moving components when traditional liquid lubrication, such as grease and oil, are contaminated with the surrounding abrasive environment. Find out more about dry film lubrication coatings