Resimac Coating and Metal Repair Services

Resimac Coating and Metal Repair Services

Resimac supply a range of solvent free epoxy, polyurethane and silicon coatings and repair materials to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Paper & Pulp, Water, Power Generation and Chemical industries.

Surface Technology Leeds and East Kilbride are approved distributors and applicators of the Resimac product range and have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to prepare parts and apply the required surface coatings.

The range of coating services offered includes:

  • 100 Series: Metal repair and re-surfacing
  • 200 Series: Fluid abrasion, wear & impact protection
  • 400 Series: Rubber repair & resurfacing systems
  • 500 Series: Chemical resistant coatings

Metal Repair Services

Surface Technology offers repair services for process equipment and systems using Resimac 101 Metal Repair paste.

This two component solvent free epoxy metal repair compound is designed to fill surface erosion & corrosion on metallic surfaces. The material can be applied to mechanically or abrasive blast cleaned surfaces and once cured will retain high mechanical adhesion to metallic substrates. The thixotropic nature of the product means it can be applied at thicknesses up to 25mm without sagging and can be machined to fine tolerances.

Our technical team will work with you to choose the optimum repair method for your application.

 Key Properties

Typical Applications

  • Solvent free Epoxy Technology
  • Applied by applicator tool
  • High build capability
  • Apply to metallic surfaces
  • Fully machinable
  • High mechanical adhesion
  • Cracked pump housings
  • Scored hydraulic rams
  • Leaking tanks seams
  • Damaged or worn flange faces
  • Worn bearing housings
  • Plate bonding


  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Water
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Manufacturing


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