Car Restoration Impregnation Services


We impregnate cylinder heads, engine blocks and magnesium alloy wheels for classic cars restoration companies and individuals alike.

Our Ultraseal Slough site is geared up to offer all of the sealing and pressure testing services you need to make sure your cylinder head, engine blocks and magnesium alloy wheels are ready to hit the road – leak-free.

Seal against leaks in classic car cylinder heads and engine blocks

We use vacuum impregnation technology and industry-leading Ultraseal sealant to seal porosity in cylinder heads, engine blocks and other castings.

The result of our service is a totally sealed component that will not leak. Available for restoration companies and private individuals alike, contact us today to get a quote for the part you want sealing.


Magnesium wheel sealing

Prevent blowout – a common cause of wheel blistering when wheels are coated or painted. Our impregnation process seals porosity in magnesium alloy wheels, preventing blowout and preparing wheels for any post coating /painting. We also offer powder coating services at our Slough site for wheel customisations. 


Pressure testing

Make sure your cylinder heads are leak free and pressure tight with our onsite pressure testing service. We recommend this service for any individuals restoring their car as it is the most effective method of preventing later engine issues such as overheating.

 From Rolls-Royce to Jaguar, Daimler to MG, visit sister company – Ultraseal Slough to discuss your car restoration project and get a quote for a leak-free cylinder head, engine block, oil sump or other casting.

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