Casting Impregnation

Ultraseal impregnation process for casting materials

The Ultraseal impregnation process utilises a range of recyclable and non-recyclable porosity sealants to fill voids and eliminate micro porosity in a wide range of cast materials. These include: aluminium, magnesium, cast iron and steel, carbon fibre composites, GRP mouldings and plastics.

Key Benefits of the Ultraseal Impregnation Process

  • Prevent leaks
  • Reduce moisture entrapment
  • Improve integrity of welds on cast iron and aluminium substrates
  • Reclaim expensive castings and fabrications that would fail due to leakage
  • Prevent “blow-out” of entrapped gases during plating or painting processes

When the impregnation process is complete the treated component, which will not be damaged or distorted by the treatment, can be used without further treatment. The resin systems used are resistant to coolants, lubricants and a range of solvents and corrosive media. Ultraseal has been granted all the necessary approvals required by aerospace organisations and undertakes all impregnation work to an AS9100 approved standard.

Visit the Ultraseal website to discover more about their porosity sealants, technology and services.

Looking for your cylinder head, engine block or other castings to be sealed against porosity? Visit our Ultraseal Slough website for more information.