Electroless nickel PTFE

Electroless Nickel PTFE Coating

Electroless nickel PTFE (Niflor) coating – a process developed by Surface Technology

Electroless nickel PTFE is an innovative coating with self-lubricating properties. Developed by Surface Technology over 20 years ago, it provides a lubricious, hard, uniform coating that is accurately deposited.

Tailoring the chemical makeup of the Electroless Nickel PTFE coating is integral to obtaining the maximum performance for each application’s requirement. Our application engineers will formulate the optimum solution for your application.

Electroless Nickel PTFE composite combines the low friction release properties of PTFE with the functional wear resistant hardness of electroless nickel. Because of the PTFE coatings’ self-lubricating properties it is an ideal surface treatment for components and assemblies that cannot use conventional lubricants.

Key Properties for electroless nickel PTFE / Niflor coating

Typical ApplicationsTypical Applications for electroless nickel PTFE / Niflor coating

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Wear Resistance
  • Uniform Deposit
  • Lubrication
  • Low Friction
  • Valves
  • Pump rotors
  • Injection mould tools
  • Aluminium air cylinders
  • Titanium bearings
  • Heating elements
  • Spray nozzles


How does electroless nickel PTFE process / Niflor work?

Sub micron particles of PTFE are added to the plating solution and are co-deposited with the electroless nickel; this ensures an even distribution of the PTFE particles throughout the plated layer. The amount of PTFE can be varied in the solution to give the performance characteristics required depending on the final application of the plated component. PTFE coating uses the electroless application method as conventional electroless nickel plating and therefore offers the advantages of highly accurate, uniform deposits available for a wide range of substrates. The plating layer is typically 5 to 10 microns thick, meaning it can be applied to components without the need to change tolerances and/or costly machining prior to plating. The corrosion resistance of the electroless nickel / PTFE composite layer can be enhanced with a layer of High Phosphorous nickel as a base layer. The PTFE in the plated layer provides excellent release from calcium found in hard water areas and this, in combination with the corrosion resistance of the layer, offers a solution to the age old problem of scale build up on heating elements and spray nozzles.