Casting Impregnation Services

Pressure Testing

We offer a range of pressure testing services to help solve the porosity problems of manufacturing industry.

The extensive range of post impregnation services we offer has been progressively expanded and we continue to grow our facilities to allow the introduction of new pressure tests to identify leaks after impregnation.

Few manufactured products can be considered to be absolutely free of porosity. Even the presence of minute porosity can lead to the permeation of gasses through metals, crystals, polymers and glass. Pressure testing can be undertaken prior to impregnation to identify leaks and also after impregnation to confirm successful sealing.

Type of pressure tests available

There are various types of physical tests which can be used to detect, measure and locate leaks. The best test for each component is one that will provide you with the numerical and physical data, for example the rate and location of a leak.

We are approved by a number of military agencies and industrial groups to perform specific leak tests that follow rigid methods and procedures.