Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating

Thermally Conductive Conformal Coating

Thermally conductive epoxy conformal coating is applied between a heat-generating electrical device and a heat sink in order to improve heat dissipation. The coating forms a thermally conductive layer on the substrate, either between components or within a finished product. This provides high electrical insulation with exceptionally good heat transfer.

Surface Technology applies dielectric epoxy conformal coatings for applications in the automotive and electronics industries, including high performance electric vehicle (BEV) battery housings.

Conformal Coating Features and Benefits

• High thermal conductivity: high electrical insulation, exceptional heat transfer

• Environmentally resistant: to water and a wide variety of chemicals

• Broad temperature range:  -650C to +1300C

• Low viscosity 

• MIL-E-5272 compliant

Thermally conductive conformal coating in BEV applications

Temperature has a significant impact on EV battery life, performance, safety and cost. The application of dielectric conformal coatings with a high level of thermal conductivity assists with passive thermal management of the Li-on battery. The coating acts as a heat sink on battery housings, helping with efficient heat transfer and maintaining optimal battery performance.

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Conformal coating for battery housings