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Ultraseal PC504/66

Ultraseal PC504/66 non-recycling sealant

The original and most advanced non-recycling sealant available today

The inherent toughness, flexibility and outstanding adhesive qualities of Ultraseal PC504/66 are why it is the most advanced sealant of its kind in the world today.

Ultraseal PC504/66 methacrylate sealant provides unrivalled sealing performance and temperature stability. Proven over more than 25 years, Ultraseal PC504/66 is used in countless applications worldwide and is trusted by manufacturers in sectors ranging from the military and aerospace components to high-volume automotive components.

Why use Ultraseal PC504/66?

  • Consistent high quality sealant
  • Unrivalled sealing performance and temperature stability
  • Proven in exhaustive trials in Europe, USA and Japan; showing that Ultraseal PC504/66 will operate effectively between -50°C and 200°C in metal castings, plastic mouldings, sintered components and porous materials
  • Low shrinkage during polymerisation, allowing for outstanding void filling capacity
  • Low viscosity enables faster, deeper penetration into even the finest microporosity
  • Suitable for use in both large batch and lean manufacturing applications; producing consistent high quality performance, whatever the size or nature of the components being treated

Discover more about Ultraseal’s PC504/66 non-recycling sealant. 

Available for sealing porosity in aluminium, cast iron, 3D printed and carbon fibre parts at Ultraseal Slough.