Thermal spray coatings

Wire Arc Thermal Spray

Wire Arc Thermal Spray Coatings

Our wire arc thermal spray service is fast, efficient and cost effective. Wire-Arc coatings are generally the best choice for protection against corrosion. Galvanically active coatings such as Zinc and Aluminium can be applied using the Wire-Arc process. Aluminium Bronze and Nickel Aluminium are commonly applied to various parts.

Key Properties

Typical Applications

  • High quality, cost effective solution
  • Strong, dense surface finish
  • Low process temperature
  • High material output per hour
  • Offshore steelwork
  • Offshore walkways, gantries and tread plates
  • Dimensional restoration and repair of mis-machined and worn parts


Wire arc spray explained – the advantages of wire arc spray and when to use it

The wire-arc process involves two wires that are driven into an electric arc to form molten particles of spray and are forced out the gun by compressed air onto the substrate.

The Wire-Arc spray process is known as a ‘cold’ process as the substrate temperature can be kept low throughout. Wire-Arc metal spraying is also used to apply non-slip coatings to protect both your infrastructure and your employees, typically applied to walkways and tread plates. 

Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) is also applied using a wire-arc spray gun. With more than 200 thermal spray coatings available, including wire arc spray coatings, our application engineers will assist you to ensure your material is treated with the optimum coating.