Silver plating

Silver Plating

Silver Electroplating Services

Due to the wear resistant properties, lubricious nature and accuracy of deposition in silver, it is ideally suited for electroplating on bearings, shims and gaskets.

Silver is a soft, white, lustrous metal that can be electrodeposited to provide a finish which offers excellent resistance to fretting corrosion.

Key Properties

Typical Applications

  • Protection from fretting corrosion
  • Wear resistance
  • Lubricious
  • High conductivity
  • Bearings
  • Shims and Gaskets
  • Electrical Connectors

With sites located across the UK, we are well placed to provide cost effective silver plating services that meet your delivery turnaround requirements.

An excellent Electroplating solution

Silver is commonly used for electroplating as it is a good conductor of electricity. It is often plated onto electrical contacts for use in the electronics industry. Applications range from small terminal connectors used in the semi-conductor, telecoms and computer industries through to large copper slab connectors used in power stations and power distribution. Typical applications for silver electroplating are electrical connectors, shims and gaskets and bearings. Typical coating thickness is 10 to 25 microns.