Surface Technology East Kilbride gain new OneSubsea approval


Surface Technology East Kilbride gain new OneSubsea approval

Following on from a series of onsite audits and tests Surface Technology East Kilbride has gained a new approval from oil and gas technology manufacturer, OneSubsea for X-00422-01 Rev 8 specification.

After a series of audits in collaboration with OneSubsea’s UK and Houston, TX-based engineers, Surface Technology are an approved applicator of the Everslik range of coatings for OneSubsea to X-00422-01 Rev 8 specification. 

Everslik coatings provide enhanced fluid and corrosion resistance and are suitable for pipework, valves and flanges. The coating systems can also offer improved lubricity and wear protection and Surface Technology are able to offer dual systems where a combination of coating benefits can be achieved.

One of the UK’s leading partners to the UK oil and gas sectors for coating and surface engineering services, we process a wide range of oil and gas technology across our Aberdeen, East Kilbride and Leeds facilities.

From thermal spray to dry film lubricants, anti-corrosion paint to electroless nickel plating, we have the anti-corrosion, wear and lubricity processes for a wide range of subsea oil and gas technology – both newly manufactured and pieces requiring repair and refurbishment.

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