Why use electroless nickel plating?


Why use electroless nickel plating?


Incredibly tough against wear and corrosion, electroless nickel plating is a highly effective plating solution that can be applied to practically any bare metal or alloy.


The advantage of electroless nickel plating is that it is a chemical, rather than electrolytic process. Due to the absence of an electrical field, electroless nickel offers far better uniformity – no points of low or high build-up – versus electrolytic alternatives.


Electroless nickel plating tanks with steam rising from the tank surface


This makes electroless nickel plating the ideal process for precision engineered, tight tolerance work and for awkward shapes and blind holes where post grinding isn’t practical. 


At Surface Technology we are also able to tailor the properties to get the best result for your application – increase phosphorous content for improved anti-corrosion or reduce phosphorous for increased wear resistance.




We have a vast experience in processing manufacturers’ components through our Leeds electroless nickel plating and East Kilbride electroless nickel plating facilities – from two tonne components to small components processed at the rate of 250,000 per day.




Bicycle frames being electroless nickel plated are lifted out of the tanks at Surface Technology Leeds


Considering if electroless nickel plating is the right process for you? Contact us now to discuss your requirements further.

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