Earth Day: An Engineering Perspective


Earth Day: An Engineering Perspective

Today it is Earth Day; the 46th year of a movement dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues and channelling action toward thwarting them.

Sustainability has become a complex word but the variety of contexts for which it is used should not serve to dilute its core meaning. The most succinct definition of sustainability is arguably defined by the UN Bruntland Commission, who state that sustainability is essentially about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


So, what does engineering have to offer sustainability and sustainable development? 

Engineering-led developments have long shaped economic development and human advancement. The responsibility of today’s engineer is to continue to innovate, sustainably.

As a surface engineering specialist, here’s our key points for sustainable engineering from a surface engineering perspective:

  • Use the optimum coating to safeguard the end product for long term, safe and reliable performance
  • Don’t overuse or specify chemistry where it is ineffective and wasteful to do so
  • Focus on your challenges and specifications  – do not take a one size fits all approach 
  • Work with an expert who is equipped to help you navigate REACH legislation 

Whether the challenge is regarding a car, plane, subsea pipe or dough hopper, at Surface Technology we take a collaborative approach to surface engineering requirements.

In a market place awash with coating and plating businesses, take a long term perspective and do not compromise on the final surface engineering process and you will be rewarded with a longer lasting, more efficient and sustainable end product.


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