Plasma coatings provide a robust solution to managing friction for cylinder bores


Plasma coatings provide a robust solution to managing friction for cylinder bores

Friction generated by moving parts within engines can have a significant impact on engine performance. 

To maximise engine efficiency and reliability it is important to minimise friction.

Engine block cylinders are one part of engines where friction is at its most intense, particularly at high engine speeds.

Plasma coating cylinder bores

Plasma coatings present an effective barrier to the internal surface of cylinder bores.

Testing has found that plasma coating presents a cost effective alternative to the pressing, shrinking and casting-in of cylinder sleeves and the use of expensive galvanic plating processes.

With plasma sprayed bore coatings, a cylinder case will only be honed when required from operation (such as with debris ingestion). Plus, the need for a bore hone with each rebuild will be eliminated, which significantly reduces labour costs for the rebuild as well as the turnaround time. 

Reduced inventory and scrap rate

Furthermore, the number of piston and ring sizes maintained in inventory is reduced and expensive cylinder cases will never be scrapped from reaching the bore limit. The cost incurred to eliminate each of these stages therefore presents a wealth of cost benefits throughout the chain.

Using wear-resistant and lubricating coatings in the powertrain and moving mechanisms also delivers cost benefits. These coatings improve component reliability, enabling longer warranties and extended service periods. As a result, they reduce running costs and total cost of ownership.

At Surface Technology we offer plasma coating and a wide variety of other surface treatment processes for automotive parts and components.

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