What is biomimetics and how can it help shape surface engineering for the better?


What is biomimetics and how can it help shape surface engineering for the better?

The wonders of the natural world have long been a major source of inspiration for engineers; from Mercedes-Benz analysing fish to improve aerodynamic performance, to the development of Velcro from burdock burrs.


The imitation of nature in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), known as biomimicry, continues to inspire technological innovations.

So, how can biomimetics shape surface engineering for the better?

The surface engineering industry has developed over decades but living organisms have evolved over millenniums. 

We believe that in order to continue advancing surface engineering, great strides can be made through biomimicry; by better understanding how living organisms have evolved to meet their environmental challenges. 

Over the course of 2016 we will be looking at the natural world as a driver for surface engineering innovations and improvements. From fish to amphibians and plants to arachnids, we will put nature under the surface engineering lens in our Biomimicry in Surface Engineering series, published in this blog. You can also make sure you don’t miss an issue by registering below to receive our monthly surface engineering update.

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